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Messenger Means Business: Start the Conversation / Jour 1 - 16h00 à 16h30

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Messaging has changed the way people communicate; they connect with others on their terms, in real-time, with more than 2 billion conversations (including automated messages) between people and businesses happening every month. As people change, business has to as well; over 2/3 of people who message businesses say they expect to message them more often over the next two years. In this session, hear from Messenger’s Global Product Marketing Lead, Jessica Sherrets, around the opportunity for businesses on Messenger, and what it means for eCommerce companies. Jessica will offer an overview of Messenger’s strategy, share details on developing business opportunities, and share inspiring examples of brands and retailers that are leaning in creatively on the platform and seeing strong results. LinkedIn : Jessica Sherrets  Conférence en anglais

Biographie :

As Global Product Marketing Lead for Messenger, Jessica Sherrets is responsible for bringing their products to market, driving strategic growth and representing a global market intelligence to inform product development.

Jessica joined Facebook in 2013, where she supported Omnicom in North America on the agency team. She spent the following 3 years with Instagram, focused on Brand and Business development launching the Monetization business.

Prior to joining Facebook, Jessica worked for a number of years in the agency world, primarily as a creative agency planner working with brands like Gatorade, Revlon, Colgate, Dell, Saks 5th Avenue and Southwest Airlines.

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    Jessica Sherrets

    Global Product Marketing Lead, Messenger