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The State of eCommerce / Jour 2 - 13h00 à 13h30

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510-BD - niveau 5

In his keynote, Jesse Weltevreden will present that latest e-commerce trends and figures about the development of e-commerce across the globe Site Internet : Ecommerce Foundation Conférence en anglais

Jesse Weltevreden is professor of Digital Commerce at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Weltevreden is also Director Research of the Ecommerce Foundation, an international non-profit organisation ‒ initiated by national e-commerce associations and e-commerce companies worldwide ‒ that produces key facts and research in the field of e-commerce. As manager of the Digital Commerce Research Group and Director Research, he coordinates and contributes to (quantitative) research projects of the AUAS and Ecommerce Foundation and research cooperation with external institutions and the industry. Weltevreden has published mainly about the implications of e-commerce for consumer behaviour, retailing, shopping locations, and mobility both nationally and internationally. His latest research projects focus on the role of digital marketing for future proofing town centres, cross-border e-commerce in Europe, digital transformation in the retail sector and corporate interference with consumer-to-consumer online interactions.

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    Jesse Weltevreden

    Professor Digital Commerce, eCommerce Foundation