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Preventing & Investigating Retail Loss With Analytics / Jour 1 - 10h30 à 11h05

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513-CDE - niveau 5

 Shrinkage is as old as retail itself, whether it be through administrative error, spoilage, breakage or outright fraud and theft.  With new and cheaper retail technology, combined with the increased prevalence of data, criminals are finding more and easier ways to create loss to your bottom line. Investigating that loss is getting more complex and time consuming, creating headaches, overhead and complexity as you sift through “what happened?”. But… with today’s technology that data can be put to your advantage. In this session, learn how advanced analytics and artificial intelligence is being used to identify networks, link data and patterns and predict fraud. See first-hand how visualization techniques can be used to illustrate these patterns, quickly get to the bottom of your investigations and help reduce fraud, loss and abuse in the future. Site Internet : SAS LinkedIn : Wesley Girdharry / Augustin Nguyen


Augustin Nguyen

Augustin is the National Retail Lead for Retail solutions at SAS Canada.

He has 20 years of professional experience in the design and the implementation of mission critical solutions in the retail and distribution sector.

Over the years, he has contributed to the success of many large scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation projects where he occupied leadership and advisory roles.

In his current role at SAS, Augustin focuses on leveraging technology and advanced analytics to design solutions for retail customers spanning many business units, including: Merchandising, Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

He also assists retailers to leverage technology and advanced analytics to combat shrink and prevent fraud.


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  • augustinnguyensas

    Augustin Nguyen

    National Retail Lead - Analytics Solutions, SAS Canada

  • Wesley Girdharry

    Solutions Specialist, SAS Canada