ATELIER 1 : Digitally Transforming the Brick and Mortar Retail Business

In 2016 Buffalo Jeans decided to close all its brick and mortar stores and established an online presence handling all retail sales through its e-commerce sites. With the help of KPI Digital and
the IBM Watson Marketing platform, strong performance enabled the company to recoup its investment in less than 24 months.


Using the KPI Digital Omni-Channel Transformation Solution, Buffalo Jeans was able to simplify its environment and gain access to accurate, timely, and relevant analytics. Its investment had a profound impact on the company’s corporate culture by giving employees the ability to visualize and measure performance at a glance. Company leaders began to see how data and analytics could be used to create one-on-one connections and personalized conversations with each customer.

We advised our customer to focus on “one integrated solution” adding the IBM Watson Marketing platform to its existing IBM Analytics and Performance Management platforms. The
complete integrated solution allowed the kind of shopping experience customers were demanding. These integrated solutions enabled Buffalo Jeans to build on previous investments
and further improve its warehousing, merchandising, demand planning and supply chain networks, as well as overhead operations.

For this project, we created a multiphase strategy and roadmap to define our business objectives and demonstrate how the platform was delivering value. We focused this initial
effort on increasing sales on the company’s e-commerce site.


Our strategy included digital campaigns to increase visitor traffic and analytics and ma- chinelearning-derived recommendations to improve engagement, conversions (from browsing to
buying), and average order value (AOV). We equipped Buffalo Jeans with the best options for unlocking data, mitigating risk, predicting customer needs, and avoiding disruptions before they
became problems. Because of the IBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities, the platform we installed is always learning and getting smarter. It allows users to
assess buyer behavior historically and in real-time.

Benchmarking and insights defined performance over time and as compared to competitors. Cognitive Analytics also helped to provide context for understanding behavior and assessing all
marketing decisions. Watson Real-Time Personalization allowed Buffalo Jeans to use Machine Learning to deliver relevant content and give repeat visitors increasingly personalized

These insights helped to further shift the company’s corporate culture in the direction of digital transformation by demonstrating how machine learning improved engagements, increased
buying behavior, and reduced churn. Decision makers also appreciated the value of being able to blend customer data with matrixes of external factors such as pricing trends, buying behaviors, and supplier availability. These insights are improving performance in all channels but especially in the company’s online presence.

Our implementation of IBM Watson Marketing dramatically changed the corporate culture at Buffalo Jeans by giving its staff the ability to visualize and measure performance at a glance,
make better and faster decisions with confidence, and realize stronger return on investment.


IBM Watson Marketing had a profound impact on the company’s e-commerce performance. Transactions increased in Canada and in the U.S. while the conversion rate optimization (CRO)
improved dramatically as well. Strong performance in this area boosted revenues. IBM marketing analytics indicate that this dramatic revenue improvement is the result of improved performance in email campaigns